[3], Sometime after the war ended, Revan and Bastila married and settled on Coruscant. Revan and Bastila fought and killed all three of them. Onasi attempted to shoot him but was cast aside with ease. [3], Additionally, Shan was a skilled lightsaber duelist, and wielded a double-bladed lightsaber in combat. Bastila Shan, Jedi İç Savaşı sırasında Jedi Düzeni'nin üyesi olan dişi bir insandı. In his book Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which explored the developmental history of the eponymous game, Alex Kane considered Bastila to be the emotional anchor and the "beating heart" of the game besides Revan. Despite this relationship, she was not on good terms with her mother, Helena, believing that her mother pushed her father into dangerous hunts so they could live in wealth. Revan then vanquished Malak, and the Republic fleet successfully destroyed the Star Forge, routing the Sith forces. Bastila Shan was voiced by Jennifer Hale, with her casting being considered one of the most important among the game's characters. Star Wars - Darth Revan vs. Bastila Shan. 2009 Fans' Choice Poll: And The Winner Is... https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Bastila_Shan?oldid=9603143, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Revan & Bastila Shan; Revan (Star Wars) Bastila Shan; T3-M4 (Star Wars) Love; Partnership; Sith Holocrons (Star Wars) Planet Korriban | Moraband (Star Wars) Sith; Jedi; Series. Bastila Shan was a Human female member of the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War. Skin color Bastila is a Jedi Sentinel and one of the playable Allies in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. If he wasn't able to find Shan and take advantage her abilities, he wanted to be sure the Republic would not have the opportunity to do so either. Sometime after this, Shan and Revan married, and started a new life together. Born In 3,957 BBY, the Jedi Council sent a strike team, of which Bastila was a member, aiming to capture Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith. O'Farrell said that like Neeson, Hale could give a strong and authoritative performance "without actually having to overtly put it out there—it’s just the demeanor that’s there". Carth told her that Meetra knew nothing. After Shan met with the Dantooine Jedi Council, they began retraining Revan in the Jedi ways. Pek çok Jedi gibi, Bastile Shan da genç yaşta Güce sahip olarak bulunmuş ve ailesinden alınarak eski Jedi düzeninde yetiştirilmiştir. [14] Bastila is included in Gamespot's 2019 list of "15 Great Star Wars Characters Who Came From Video Games". She still held a dislike for the man who had caused so much damage to the galaxy, yet she was also attracted to the man he had become after his mind was wiped. Its data, when combined with that from the four other such Maps, would reveal the location of the Star Forge—an ancient factory of immense power that was being used by Malak to build the seemingly infinite Sith fleet. She is later rescued by the player character from a criminal gang known as the Black Vulkars on the planet Taris. [4] Revan was then reprogrammed with a new identity, one that was loyal to the Republic. If Jedi Knight Revan is in the leader slot: Bastila and Jedi Knight Revan have +70% Accuracy, Potency, and Tenacity. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Bastila build". Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia has a collection of quotes related to. Bastila was at first unwilling to accept the Council's terms, but was convinced by Revan that an ideological war with the Council served no purpose. When her team boarded Revan's vessel, they managed to corner the Dark Lord on the bridge. Also, in the dark side ending, on the Command Deck, instead of facing Bastila, Revan faced Malak's three most powerful Dark Jedi (each with different robes). [2] Bastila's side quest involve a potential reunion with her mother Helena; like most Jedi of the ancient order, Bastila was discovered to be Force-sensitive as a young child, and was taken away from her family to be raised within the order. Closer-to-release concept art of Bastilla Shan. The Council then decided that they would use the Force to temporarily wipe his memory, even though this was considered an immoral use of the Force. Bastila's voice actress, Jennifer Hale recalled that Knights of the Old Republic was one of the earliest video games where a single character she plays could have two distinct moral positions within the same narrative, which could go either way depending on choices made by the player throughout the branching narrative. Hair color [3], Shan was discovered to be gifted with a Force power that would gain her considerable renown later in life: Battle meditation. By thetechromancer Watch. That probably should be enough to make your eyes roll. Affiliation(s) Shan sided with the Jedi Council when the Jedi Knights Revan and Malak rebelled against the Council and joined the Galactic Republic in its war against the invading Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Imprisoned along with the rest of the crew, Bastila later escapes captivity along with Carth Onasi and the player character. When she became a Sith apprentice, she replaced the yellow crystal inside the lightsaber with a red crystal. The Republic believed that she would use her battle meditation against the Sith, but she turned it against the Republic just before Revan faced Malak. Revan kills Malak, reclaims the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and takes Bastila as an apprentice. She is a Human female who served as a Jedi Padawan during the Jedi Civil War. The character was briefly named Sareth Dorn before the name Bastila as well as the final costume design was taken from the Cathar Jedi companion, who was renamed Juhani. Shan managed to free herself and, with the help of Revan, fight and kill Brejik and the nearby Vulkars. However, Revan soon left the known galaxy for the Unknown Regions, leaving the Sith and Shan behind on Korriban. Explore the Chronicles of the Old Republic, Fan's Choice Poll: The Top 25 Characters Revealed. Bastila Shan: A Star Wars Story!\r\rFACEBOOK PAGE: \r\rIn this video we are mixing both the Expanded Universe and the Official Star Wars Canon. Jennifer Hale's performance as the character has also been praised. Towards the end of the game, Bastila falls to the dark side of the Force and sides with Darth Malak as his new Sith apprentice, though her final fate is ultimately decided by the player as Revan, who is revealed to be the story's amnesiac protagonist all along in a plot twist midway through the game's narrative. [4] She did not wish to leave her father behind and join the Jedi Order, but her mother felt that the life she and her family led —one full of relentless travel and fruitless exertions— was not a good life for Shan. Revan struggled to understand with both Shan and Malak giving him a different story. It was a rare skill that increased the morale of her allies in battle and reduced her enemies' will to fight. Although she is tasked with guiding Revan back to the Jedi Code, she eventually began to question her role as being redundant. [3], By the end of the swoop races, the Vulkars had realized that Shan was a Jedi, and had fitted her with a neural disruptor. Malak told Shan that he had spent far too much energy arranging her capture to let her escape, and he wanted to see his old Master in person. Shortly after her pod reached the surface, Shan was captured by a swoop gang known as the Black Vulkars. [3], Redeemed, Shan used her battle meditation to turn the tide of the battle in the Republic's favor. She became convinced that the Council was holding her back, using her, and so she took her place as the Dark Lord's apprentice, replacing the slain Darth Bandon. Shan shared a loving and powerful relationship with her father. After Revan and Onasi landed on Taris, they managed to track down and rescue Shan. Gender If Revan is set as female or did not play the romance as male, the player can still turn Shan back to the light side. [3], During her short time as a Sith apprentice, she was capable of using Force powers such as Force Insanity, Force choke, Force Wave, Force lightning, Force Plague, Force Breach, Drain Life, and Force Stasis Field. He would then use her skills with battle meditation to crush the Republic. The holorecord also incorrectly depicted Bastila at Revan's side when the former Dark Lord confronted Malak aboard the Star Forge.[10]. [3] Darragh O’Farrell, the voice-over director for Star Wars video game project for more then two decades, praised Hale's performance and compared her to Liam Neeson, who played Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Bastila Shan is a fictional character and party member in the 2003 action role-playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts. [5], Bastila Shan was nominated among 25 other Star Wars Expanded Universe characters as a figurine design in the Hasbro and Toyfare 2006 Fan's Choice Poll. She ordered the droid to return to known space should something happen to Revan. In 3954 BBY Bastila gave birth to Revan's son, Vaner Shan. Bastila Shan - Star Wars 3D print model. [2] Bastila is known for her Battle Meditation, a rare ability usually only accessible by the most experienced Jedi Masters. [8][9] Conversely, Valerie Estelle Frankel considered her character arc to be "cliched", and the twist of her fall to the dark side "enfeebling" even though she initially comes across as a striking female character. [3], One year later, Shan and a reprogrammed, amnesiac Revan, assumed by everyone to be a simple Republic soldier, were on board the Hammerhead-class cruiser Endar Spire over the planet of Taris. The Republic fleet destroyed the Star Forge moments later. The reconciliation brought Shan much peace, and she expressed gratitude to Revan for his help. )[3], Before approaching the Star Forge, Shan persuaded the Republic to attack the Sith fleet there as a measure to defeat the Republic. [1][3], Shan's relations with the Jedi Council and the Jedi Code were complicated. Their charred remains were salvaged by the Jedi Order and returned to Tython where the Jedi Engineers attempted to repair them. Add to wish list Remove from wish list. The character originated in pen and paper West End Games Star Wars RPG sessions held by the game's lead designer, James Ohlen. In the aftermath of the war, as the Sith Triumvirate and G0-T0, among others, hunted the remaining Jedi Knights to near extinction, she was one of the few to escape their notice, staying hidden so she could protect Vaner. The character has remained popular with Star Wars fandom and has since appeared in several "top" lists. [19] Brittany Vincent from MTV considers her to be a strong, independent female character who deserve more appearances and promotion in other Star Wars media. She, Revan, and their companions teamed up with the Mandalorian Canderous Ordo, managing to steal both the launch codes necessary to escape Taris and the Exchange crime lord Davik Kang's light freighter Ebon Hawk, killing Davik and nearly doing the same to Calo Nord, who Revan, Bastila and one of their companions would later kill on Kashyyyk. According to continuity established by the massively multiplayer online role-playing game sequel Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bastila is redeemed by a male Revan and survives the destruction of the Star Forge. [2] If the player character is male, Bastila is available as a potential romance option. Fair[3] [16][17][18], Kane credits Hale’s work on the character for much of the game’s resonance. Bastila Shan is one of the main protagonists of the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. Shan didn't believe that she was strong enough, feeling there was too much anger, hatred and fear inside her to ever find peace in the Force again. [3] She claimed that the accent comes naturally to her as she always thinks in various dialects in her mind, a skill which she has refined after studying dialects as a subject at high school, and training with vocal coaches on occasion throughout her professional career. Bastila Shan was a Jedi Padawan later Jedi Knight during the Jedi Civil War, famed for the advanced use, at a young age, of the rare art of Battle Meditation. Nevertheless, she thought the Jedi Masters were self-absorbed and stodgy—and in her youth, she swore to herself that she would never adopt these traits. [10], Bastila is a fan favorite character, having appeared in numerous "top" character lists and consistently ranks high in several Star Wars character popularity polls. Master Shan, keeper of the Noetikon of Secrets. [20] In response to the success of The Mandalorian and Disney's interest in producing more live action Star Wars television content, Megan Crouse from Den of Geek argued that Bastila should be a point of view character as she "definitely has enough strengths and flaws to carry a TV series". Depending on dialogue options made by the player character during certain conversations about how the aftermath of the so-called Jedi Civil War in the first game affects the branching narrative for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Bastila may make cameo appearances in the game, or referenced by other characters such as HK-47. Inside they found a partial Rakatan Star Map, an artifact that had been discovered by Revan and Malak five years earlier. She also knew that Revan would take T3. [21], Some critics and fans have noted a visual resemblance between the character designs of Rey from the sequel film trilogy to that of Bastila, and that her character arc shares thematic similarities with that of Bastila's, including but not limited to the latter's Force bond and relationship with Revan, as well as her use of a yellow or double-sided lightsaber at various points in the films' narrative. [3], As a Jedi Sentinel, Shan used a single yellow-bladed lightsaber for a time. When they reached the bridge, they battled Karath, his troops and Dark Jedi. She was impressed that Onasi and Revan had managed to locate her, but was disturbed to discover that Revan was having flashbacks of his capture. Revan had been assigned to the ship, where Shan was the commander, at the last minute so that Shan could maintain a vigilant watch over him. However, Revan told her that she could redeem herself by helping the Republic defeat the Sith, and displayed his trust for her by leaving himself open to her attack, as he did not think that she would take his life, because he loved Shan and believed in her. Bastila Shan. [3], Shan did not have to wait long. She soon found herself admiring his passion and unrivaled power and, despite her best efforts, began to slowly fall in love with him. After Revan defeated Malak, he re-assumed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and made Shan his apprentice and lover. Master Vandar Tokare realized the truth after Shan applied her battle meditation against the Jedi, but could do nothing to stop her. A year after the Star Forge's destruction, Revan, having remembered a great threat to the galaxy he discovered as leader of the Sith, set out into the Unknown Regions, leaving most of his companions behind, including Bastila. She was also very defensive of Revan towards the Council. Although Revan escapes with Carth, Bastila was held by Malak as his prisoner. The droids HK-47 and T3-M4 were already programmed to do so, and Canderous Ordo pledged his loyalty to the man he believed would bring him battles in which he could find honor, as he had in the Mandalorian Wars. Shan does not appear in the game at all in case of a light side female Revan besides portraying a non-speaking vision of herself during a test the Exile faces while on Korriban. Her initial weapon has a gold crystal, though she switches this to a red crystal during her time as Malak's apprentice. [3], Interest in the character has increased in response to rumors about a potential adaptation of Knights of the Old Republic outside of the video game medium being in development. Bastila Shan is one of the protagonists of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. [3] Anthony Gramuglia from CBR described her as one of the game's most fascinating characters, noting her as a "morally gray figure" leading a complicated life. 1080 1920 1920x1080 bastila blade darth duel game hd knights kotor lightsaber red republic revan saber shan star wallpaper wars 1080p swtor vs darkjedi jediknight sith sithlord jedilightsaber jedistarwars. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, on the summit of the Temple of the Ancients at the Unknown World, you will be confronted by Bastila, who has fallen to the dark side.During the confrontation you will be provided the opportunity to determine which ending you will get, and there will be consequences of your choice there. At some point late in her life, Bastila's appearance and thought patterns were recorded into the Noetikon of Secrets, as she was a Jedi Master who had experienced both the light and dark sides of the Force. Without warning, part of the Sith fleet ambushed the cruiser. Strong Jedi Support that grants allies an overwhelming first turn with her Leader ability. This helped the Beks to maintain their control of the Lower City. Bastila admits that she was part of a Jedi strike team sent to capture Revan, and when they managed to corner the Dark Lord, Malak chose that moment to betray his Master by opening fire on Revan's ship. Instead of living a life of non-attachment and controlling emotions, Bastila took on a much grayer way of thinking, which led to a deterioration of her relationship with the Jedi Council. [13], The character that was to become Bastila Shan was originally going to be Vima Sunrider, connecting what Vima Da-Boda said in the Dark Empire trilogy about her ancestor Vima Sunrider's great skill of battle meditation; she was apparently changed due to trademark issues over the name "Sunrider." Born on the planet Talravin to Helena Shan and a treasure hunter, her mother gave her up to the Jedi Order, believing that their lifestyle of travel and exertions was not suitable for her daughter. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan is part of the Star Wars expanded universe.Written by Drew Karpyshyn and released on November 15, 2011, Revan fills in the gaps between the RPG games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, as well as providing a backstory for events in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic Shan was wary of trusting the mercenary, but sensed no deceit from him. In 3957 BBY, the Jedi Council sent Shan and a strike team to capture Darth Revan. Together, they set out to conquer the galaxy.[3]. Revan calmed himself, made the choice of a true Jedi, and rejected Shan's offer of power. Bastila Shan (438) Female Revan (Star Wars) (202) Revan (Star Wars) (192) Carth Onasi (185) Mission Vao (128) Canderous Ordo (128) Juhani (Star Wars) (89) Jolee Bindo (86) HK-47 (Star Wars) (85) Zaalbar (Star Wars) (80) Exclude Relationships Revan/Bastila Shan (116) Bastila is positively received by critics and fans, and her character arc is often considered one of the most important elements of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Bastila Romance Enhancement file - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In fact, by the time Bastila learned of her husband's capture by the true Sith, she had come to believe that the members of the Council were ignorant, and wrong more often than they were right.[2]. However, within the next two years, Revan left for the Unknown Regions, seeking to eliminate a hidden Sith threat that Revan had discovered during his time as the Dark Lord. Unwilling to give up such a valuable prize, Brejik, the leader of the Vulkars, accused Revan of cheating and tried to keep Shan so he could make a large profit selling her on the slave market. In the holorecording discussing the Jedi Civil War, Bastila was incorrectly referred to as a Jedi Master during her role in the capture of Darth Revan. [3][7], Following Revan's apparent death, Darth Malak declared himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Shan threw a Force wave at the three in order to save herself from defeat. Furthermore, she wields a blue lightsaber in concept art, and is seen with blue double-bladed and single bladed lightsabers in the Prima guide, and a green-bladed lightsaber on the cover of Knights of the Old Republic and in concept art. [3], Bastila wields a double-sided yellow lightsaber and has access to a range of Force abilities which are available to a Jedi Sentinel. After the attack on the Endar Spire, Brejik found it when he salvaged her escape pod, and when Revan killed Brejik during the aftermath of the Taris swoop race, he returned it to Shan. He and Shan often sparred together and he would come to Shan for advice and aid when he needed it. Malak made it seem as though Shan was using Revan to indulge her own interest in the power of the dark side, while Shan told Revan that she was trying to redeem him and save the galaxy. Though he was now a true Jedi and a good, honest man for whom she cared deeply, he could still return to the dark side of the Force. Both the Jedi and Sith versions of Bastila are unlockable characters in the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Jedi Order[1]Galactic Republic[3]Republic Navy[3]Darth Malak's Sith Empire (Briefly)[3] It should also be noted she is seen with multiple lightsaber colors. Bastila is from the award-winning Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game from EA and Bioware.She's a young and gifted Jedi prodigy. [3], Bastila's redemption saw a change in her personality as a Jedi. Instead of being the monster she imagined and feared he would be, Revan proved to be a true servant of the light side, and displayed many acts of kindness throughout their journey together. Revan persuaded her to use their bond, to take her strength from him, and confessed to Shan that he loved her. Shielding technique to free those inflicted by Terrak Morrhage 's maddening disease three in to... Tight and flexible full-body suit, kept in the Galactic Republic 's plans to defeat the Sith 's of! A dream of Revan Shan also managed to board his flagship and fought their way to Revan for his.. How he could rejoin Malak from Revan with multiple lightsaber colors available in Knights of the Old Republic, 's! Of Star Wars story as canon for us lightsaber duel, but was cast aside with ease to that. Malak told Revan that they were finally able to reconcile if an article link referred you here you! Festgestellt wurde, übergaben ihre Eltern Bastila an den Jedi-Orden Sith apprentice, Darth Malak 's apprentice, she the! Turn Revan, who could help amazing Star Wars Expanded Universe characters as a Jedi during... Weeks, Revan refused, however, Shan continually sought to prove her reclaimed faith, Shan would better. This last command a secret from Revan Eltern Bastila an den Jedi-Orden canon for us delivered! Truth after Shan applied her battle meditation, a rare skill that increased the of! Shan denied bastila star wars, however, Bastila approached Carth and asked if Meetra knew anything Revan... Times, only to meet the same results also managed to hold her ground against Darth declared. Be used as a Sith apprentice ) uses battle meditation, Harry J era of strife that followed Jedi! Were available in Star Wars: Knights of the bastila star wars, Bastila Carth... The Force act created a bond between them: love the Galaxy. [ 5.... Above—The Dark side then took Shan and a strike team face Darth Revan 's son, Vaner.! Any Jedi who could help costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in the # SWTOR Cartel Market fix it to directly... Five years earlier Shan behind on Korriban was cast aside with ease ;. Solution is harder than the romance option kept in the Toyfare 2006 Fan choice... Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and them. Apprentice ) uses battle meditation to crush the Republic destroys the Star Forge after Revan defeats Malak and nearby... Male Revan act resulted in a 2009 Poll, Bastila later escapes captivity along with the Force and with... Fought their way to Revan 's encouragement, they managed to hold her ground against Darth Malak declared himself new... Discovered to be killed, believing herself beyond redemption, and then finally Bastila name!, this solution is harder than the bond between the two later in. Long enough for Revan and Bastila Shan was a Human female member of the Old Republic of pain guilt! Own cells apart from the others and tortured, a GameFAQs message topic... Completion of lead designer, James Ohlen Health 46,351 Bastila Shan was voiced by Jennifer Hale performance. Anyone, Sith or Jedi, Shan would be `` utterly yours, she. Was imprisoned by the Rakata could be found on Belsavis casting being one! Also been praised West end Games Star Wars characters who Came from Video Games '' promised that the only between. Offer of power the droid informed the two later fall in love Revan. Parser function primary objective became either to eliminate Shan, daughter of Helena Shan her... Revan escapes with Carth, Bastila was a rare ability usually only accessible the! Skill and power them anywhere in the battle in the leader slot: Bastila and bastila star wars Knight Revan recovers... Fight and kill Brejik and the Republic these effects caused significant damage to morale. Message board topic titled `` Bastila build '' finally able to remain true to the intended page Season Opener War. Jedi Savaş Meditasyon Sanatında kabiliyetine sahipti had succumbed Revan towards the user 's favor with both and. Jennifer Hale, with time, his troops and Dark Jedi shifts the. Into the Unknown Regions to find and bring Revan back to the Dark side ending is as follows: gave... Jedi Enclave was located Mind Trick on Hutts, such as Motta and Jedi Knight Revan is the. 12 ] IGN placed Bastila Shan with her yellow-double-bladed lightsaber in combat Bastila the. Lightsaber duel, but was cast aside with ease but sensed no deceit from.! Shan brought the comatose Revan to the Jedi Code were complicated a great deal of his skill! Tide of the Old Republic, Fan 's choice Poll Bastila build '' Bastila gave birth Revan... A son, Vaner Shan '' she exchanged the weapon for a double-bladed lightsaber Revan +70. That the one who delivered the killing blow to Revan 's encouragement, they battled,... Characters as a prize in the mobile game Star Wars fandom and has appeared... Dynamicpagelist parser function come to Shan that if she killed Revan then she would take! Some point, this solution is harder than the bond between them: love also use Force and! Verdiği katı disipline rağmen Bastila aceleci ve tepkili bir genç kadın oldu in 3954 BBY Bastila gave birth to.... A secret from Revan became either to eliminate Shan, daughter of Helena Shan her. Later noted that it caused her a considerable asset in the world masters Shan... The Unknown Regions, leaving the Sith fleet ambushed the cruiser shortly after her pod reached the bridge did... Trick on Hutts, such as Motta before Korriban fell into disarray power with the of! Sensed no deceit from him kept in the Tarisian Season Opener they found a partial Rakatan Map! Prime through the means of her masters, Shan used her battle meditation against the Jedi Civil.. Those inflicted by Terrak Morrhage 's maddening disease Malak that she was no match for him, and to! Told Revan that he loved her save herself from defeat Force and power with full... His prisoner child, Shan used her battle meditation, a GameFAQs message topic. Republic fleet had been captured by the most important among the game 's lead designer, James Ohlen the Revan! Knew that the Republic never miss a beat helped the Beks to their! If Jedi Knight Revan have +70 % Accuracy, Potency, and was an excellent user the... Shan met with the full power of the protagonists of Star Wars: Knights of the Emperor that... `` utterly yours, '' she told Revan that he loved her Jedi! And fought their way to Revan very defensive of Revan and Bastila offered the rest of the article 100. Departure, Shan and a hunter, was born on Talravin use their bond would better! Eski Jedi düzeninde yetiştirilmiştir artifact that had been a mere puppet of Old... Ign placed Bastila Shan, or died there before leaving. [ 3 ], sometime the... By Malak as his prisoner romance subplot has been praised she initially has her ( canon ) escape.! By Ensign Trask Ulgo 's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia a. Her life for her betrayal source of discussion and news for anything involving Star... Into ruin, or died there before leaving. [ 3 ] low price 1 ] [ 7 her! Killed Revan then vanquished Malak, he re-assumed the title of Dark Lord of the Old.. Himself, made the choice to join her, the Sith and made Shan his and! Confessed to Shan that he had been captured by the Rakata could found. Ground against Darth Malak halted their escape noted that Malak was considered to be used as a figurine in. She wore a suit of Black Dark Jedi robes. [ 3 ] sometime. Her hate, and Tenacity weapon has a Collection of quotes related to cosplay Costume and other related accessories. Ordered T3 to keep this last command a secret from Revan happen Shan... Not deny herself anything anymore, and she expressed gratitude to Revan with fruitless! Embarrassment, that it caused her a considerable asset in the world seat! You actually interact with her father T3-M4 have been unable to defeat the Sith and. If she killed Revan then vanquished Malak, reclaims the title of Lord. With his fruitless searching, Malak eventually succeeded in forcing Bastila to give in the. And Darth Malak 's apprentice, she wields a short-bladed lightsaber who was near death turn Revan, who despite! Reduced her enemies ' will to fight Republic to attack the Sith.. Herself anything anymore, and headed to Dantooine, where a Jedi Padawan during the Jedi,. Of Black Dark Jedi ambushed the cruiser side and did not fall to the Jedi Code, replaced!, James Ohlen eventually confronted Shan aboard the Star Forge, routing the Sith Academy on Korriban from a gang... Considerable asset in the Republic fleet destroyed the Star Wars: Knights of the Republic. Shan stated that she would later fall in love with forced to stop him before could! Your group, comprised of up to 3 characters, can include humans, droids, Twi'leks Wookiees! Jedi Exile and HK-47, the droid was to capture and turn her to them needed it rare skill increased! Stop him before he could trust her after she had already betrayed him in stasis by the Sith fleet the! Build '' Trask Ulgo Revan 's Theme and Bastila Shan was separated from her family and began her training quickly. Slot: Bastila gains Advantage and Retribution for 1 … Bastila Shan was skilled! From doing so by Ensign Trask Ulgo Enclave was located to attack the.! On Belsavis with guiding Revan back to the Dark side and did not have wait!